Why does my cat vomit after eating?

If you are a cat owner, I’m sure you’re familiar with cat vomiting. You might be wondering why does my cat vomit after eating? 

I have always been a cat person from my childhood. One incident in particular, after my college graduation I adopted a kitten. Fasta few days were fine but one morning she sharted vomiting after eating. I didn’t give much of my thought but I got panicked when she vomited again and again. 

My sister and I immediately took her to a vet and explained my cat’s vomiting. I thought she wouldn’t make it. The vet used a tube and found a hairball. Interesting fact, most of the cat vomiting causes due to harmless reasons. 

Today I will  to you why your cat vomits after eating: 

Hairs of cat

A cat losses plenty of hair every day. These hairs scattered everywhere, from their living space to their food. When they play this fur goes into their mouth and they swallow it. Most of the time cat vomit due to this reason. You can easily avoid this. You need to brush your cat’s furs regularly and keep clean there living space. 

Fast Eating

Cats are always in a hurry when they get food. it seems like they will not get food for the next couple of days. So, they eat in a rush. It has a negative impact on their digestion. You have to make sure, your cat isn’t eating too fast. 

Grass or Plant Eating

Sometimes cat chews grass or plant leaves out of their curiosity. Normal a cat cannot digest grass easily, it causes vomiting. Don’t keep any harmful plant or grass in your house. Instead, you can plant a cat family environment in your garden. It will keep your cat healthy and happy.


Cat worm is another reason for Cat vomiting. If you are not is worms around your cat and he is sleeping place a new cat is vomiting frequently then the parasite is the likely reason. In this case, don’t wait to take your cat to a vet and dewormed your cat. 

I saw some people take home remedies to dewormed cats but this doesn’t work well. And you are doing more harm than doing good for your cat. 

Disturbance in stomach

Cat loves to play. They sometimes eat solid substances success cat toys, plastics, and so on. If you notice that your cat vomiting for eating a solid substance don’t wait a moment to take your cat to the vet.

This can be the life and death situation. There is no option to neglect it. 

Other possible cat vomiting reasons

A cat can vomit apart from our mentioned reasons. It could be a clear indication of poisoning or serious health condition. If blood comes with vomiting or vomit color is dark don’t wait to take her to the vet right away. 

If your cat vomits every day and refuses to eat, it is also and an indication that is your cat is suffering from health issues. In most of the cases, these cats don’t groom themselves properly. 

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