Why Does My Cat Bring Me Toys?- Discover 10 Interesting Facts

Cats are cute little pets with plenty of strange habits. You might not find not any co-relation of their strange behaviors but if you give enough attention you will get the answer. Spending more time with your cat helps you to better understand their gestures.

Why does cat bring toys to you? First, let’s start with some basic questions.

Why Does Your Cat Bring Toys?

Cats become a domesticated animal. They become the close company of humans for centuries. Although they are not wild, they have dormant hunting desire. 

Indoor domestic cats get rare chance to hunt. They always possess an inherent desire to hunt. This nature stressed them to hunt. If they don’t get the opportunity, there are many physical imbalances that can be seen?

In such a situation, you can spend some quality time with the cat. It gives comfort to your cat. Otherwise, you can buy some cat toys for your cat such as artificial mice or balls with sound.

Now, you probably get an idea that your cat needs a toy but why they bring toys to you? Why they do such strange behavior?

Are they complaining because you aren’t playing enough with them?

Okay, you really want the reasons. Let’s just dive into the points.

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Cat Playing Toy

1. For inherit Hunting Instinct

Cats born with natural hunting ability. According to historians, cats became domesticated animals ten thousand years ago. Although they are the most indoor animal, they love to hunt their prey even today.

You might sometimes see dead mice, birds, and other animals to your doorstep. These are the example of their hunting instinct.

In wildlife, they survive only by hunting. They have no other alternative except hunting.  But for an indoor cat, it’s quite opposite. Cat owners provide all necessary care including food.

But with all these, you can’t simply satiate the pleasure of hunting a mouse or a bird. They run for their prays and hunt it down. It soothes the hunting instinct. 

It can be for other reasons too, other possible reasons could be-

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2. Cats are better hunters:

Interesting fact, cats think the human isn’t a good hunter. They take it as an advantage. It encourages them to choose humans as a pray and show how well hunter is they. Sometimes they hunt a dead animal or a toy for it.

3. Cat Teaches Kittens to Hunt

The mother cat wants to teach the kittens the most important part of feline survival from a primitive age. Cats were wild in the past and had to counter many enemies. In fact, they manage their food on their own. Although the domesticated cat doesn’t require sourcing food anymore.

But the cat doesn’t give up their hunting skills and want to pass through generations.

A cat probably hasn’t seen catch anything ever. They think you aren’t a good hunter and want to impress you with their hunting skills. They think this skill will impress you even more.

4. Toy considered as Prey

Domestic cat doesn’t get a chance to hunt normally. They imagine toys as their prey and hunt them down. A cat satiates his hunting instincts with toys. We cat owners buy many interactive toys for our cats, so they can play with. If they don’t get any toy play with they simply make something as their prey.

Why Cat brings toys to you

5. To Express love to the owner

Cat can’t express their emotions and love with words. They choose to offer their valuable possessions to their beloved person. It is an expression of love and gratitude. If you ever receive something from your cat, you should feel special. Your cat shows her care for you.

If your cat offers you any animal they hunted, it shows they are proud of their hunting skill and seeking appreciation. Pet your cat, it will make the between you and your cat even stronger.

6. Cat Want You to Play

Cat wants a company to play. If you have some time, try to play with him. Some quick games like hide and seek, running, or throwing would relive him. It would help to ease his boredom.

7. They want to part of your family

Cat is known for its bossy character. They never want to feel left out. Feline has always sought a place in his community and living place. They consider themselves as part of your family. In the urge of contributing, they feel to show his care by giving his toys. This is his favorite gift for you.

8. Fair Trade for Food

Cats are ready to trade his toys for food. If they are hungry or want some special food, they will trade their toys for food. Although, they would apply this cute little trick if you don’t care about his mild meowing and cuddling.

9. To Get Rid Of Smelly Toys

Cats are sensitive animals. If they notice their toys are damaged or they recognize they will want to get rid of it. Cat has good smelling power. If the toy has a pungent smell they will notice it quickly. Bring a toy could be an act of seeking to get rid of this toy and bring a new one.

A cat needs sometimes to get accustomed to a new toy. So, give him some time to get used to the new toy.

10. They want you to love more by gifting

Another cute reason could be, they want to gift their toys to love them even more. Cats love the company of the owners. Although this isn’t something you can notice if aren’t enough.

A cat tries her best to steal your heart. If your cat brings a toy to you, never forget to thank her. However, they sometimes pick and bring to some unwanted gifts such as dead animals to you.

Final Words:

You have to spend time in order to understand your kitty’s emotions and behaviors. Give her more time and learn her likes and dislikes. If you spent more and more time with your pet, you would be able to interpret every act of her. 

Her ears, tail movement, and how she is meowing an important thing to notice.  It will help you understand, why your cat brings toys to you. Don’t forget to pet her for such adorable behavior. I hope to get the answer, “Why Does My Cat Bring Me Toys?”

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