Why Do Stray Cats Rub Against Your Legs- Know About Cutest Reasons

I have a friend that has a few stray cats living in her backyard. I was visiting one day and a cat came up to me, rubbing against my legs. Why do they do this? This is actually not uncommon behavior for cats. 

They are trying to tell you that they want attention! Cats are very social animals, so it can be hard for them when they don’t get enough cuddling or petting from their owners. 

In the wild, there is typically always another animal around for them to interact with- but since we live in such an urban society, many people keep pets as solitary creatures indoors all day long without any interaction from other animals or humans. 

It’s no wonder why these kitties rub against your legs- they’re just craving some attention from you!

In this article we will explore the reasons why stray cats rub against your legs and what to do if it happens in a public place.  

When I was visiting my friend’s house recently, she had two of her three outdoor cats run up to me and start rubbing their bodies all over mine. 

It made me laugh because these kitties were typically reserved with strangers but seemed so excited for some petting time. 

As soon as the cat started rubbing itself on my leg, I scratched behind its ears and down below its chin before continuing on with my conversation like nothing happened.

Why Do Stray Cats Rub Against Your Legs

Many people may not know that stray cats often have a tough time finding food and this makes them hungry all the time.

The cat is simply trying to get your attention so you will feed him!

Many of us think about stray cats as being very different from domesticated pets, but they are actually just like any other pet looking for love in their lives.

They can be desperate because sometimes there isn’t enough food around, or maybe it’s one instance where he was spooked by something during his hunting rounds.

Whatever the reason behind rubbing against our legs might be we should always make sure these sweet animals don’t go without some extra TLC.

Demanding for Food:

Stray cats are not always fed by people and have to rely on the animals in the wild for food.

When they rub their heads against your legs, they’re asking for some of what you’re having because it means survival for them!

They might be timid most of the time but when it comes down to getting a bite these cute critters will use all sorts of tactics from purring so loudly or rubbing up against our leg to make sure that we give them something.

Making Their Own Territory:

Cats are incredibly territorial and one of the key reasons they scratch all over your house is to mark their territory.

They will head butt you or rub up against you on purpose, declaring that it’s theirs now.

This can be especially cute if a stray cat marks your property as its own!

Your Cat Judge You:

House cats are notoriously timid in foreign environments, and they take a long time to adjust to any new situation.

Stray cats don’t have the luxury of such patience as their environment is always changing.

However, rubbing their head on your leg does help them assess you quickly–which many stray felines do without hesitation if they sense that it’s safe around this person.

If not? They will understand very easily (and won’t come near) because they’re used to being chased away by people who like feeding them less than others!

Want Some Attention:

Cats are very clever animals. They use a number of ways to grab your attention, one being constant meowing or roaming around you until they get what they want out of it.

Though this can be quite annoying at times, other methods may seem more special such as physical touch and rubbing their head against yours if the cat is starting to show affection towards you in that area where he usually hangs out with his friends all day long.

You should feel honored! A stray animal has shown love for you and wants nothing else but just some personal time with them so don’t let an opportunity like this go by too quickly before changing location because now would be awkward since there isn’t any hiding spot left for him when walking away from each other.

What Should I do When A Stray Cat Rubs Against Your Legs?

Cats are unique pets, but they can also be quite difficult to keep up with when you first bring them home.

Luckily we’re here to walk you through the basics of what happens next!

Wait Until to Have a Strong Bonding:

When a cat rubs its head on your leg, you are the one who is in control.

You need to establish trust before making any sudden movements.

The important thing is that they want your attention and will let you pet them for as long as it takes so make sure not to scare them off!

Try to Understand Their Language:

Cats are the most misunderstood creatures on this planet.

It’s hard to communicate with them in a way that they understand, so it is important for us humans to learn their cues if we hope of ever understanding our feline friends.

Don’t Touch Some of Their Bodies:

Cats are known to have a domineering personality and can be very sensitive, so you need to know the best spots where they prefer being touched.

Starting off with their forehead is an excellent tactic as cats are more apt to take direction when in this spot. You also want them on their back.

it’s not unusual for these animals of prey-like origin – the felines -to enjoy being petted from behind because that mimics how they would hunt down food themselves if given enough space or time outside of a house environment.

Be Your Cat’s Friend:

It’s not too far from the truth that feral cats are dangerous given their lack of human touch.

However, they can be socialized with a friendly approach and welcoming environment.

How You Can Stop Stray Cat Rubbing You:

A stray cat might suddenly rub against your leg and you may be wondering how best to avoid them.

The first step is giving the cat what they need- food! If you give enough of it, then this behavior will stop as soon as possible.

Even if that doesn’t work, try not scaring the animal at any cost because their only means for acquiring food most likely stems from this type of interaction with humans or other animals in close proximity.

Why The Cat Would Target The Leg?

Stray cats are cautious at first and approach you with caution. They try to stay away from your face, because they know that is a vulnerable part of the body.

Stray cats will rub up against your legs for affection if you let them do what they want without hurting or scaring it off by using forceful gestures such as shaking hands when greeting an unfamiliar cat in their territory.

This assures both parties there won’t be any aggression between pets (human included).

Final Words:

A stray cat can do things that your housecat does to you as well.

For example, a stray may rub their head on your leg in an effort to communicate with you or they might only let themselves be petted for short periods of time before running away again.

You have all the information necessary if this situation were ever encountered because after reading this article, there is no need to fear!

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