Why Do Cats Eat Their Kittens?

As a cat lover, you might feel strange to hear this question. Like me, you might be probably thinking God that doesn’t happen with my cat. 

You might be wondering, “Do cats really eat their kittens?”

Sadly, the answer is yes. According to research, sometimes the mother cat behaves strangely, end up killing the kittens, and eats them. You would be shocked by such disturbing behaviors. 

But the real question comes, “Why do cats eat their babies?”

We will explain to you the matter throughout our blog and guide you on how you can prevent your cat from doing something like this.

Let’s dive into further:

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Why Do Cats Eat Their Kittens?

Cannibalism is often found in representatives of many species of animals, from insects to mammals, and is quite explainable by the “harsh laws of the wild.”

But cats have been living with humans for more than a thousand years! Alas, this is an insignificant time period to minimize instinct, although cannibalism is less common in pet pets than in street children.

Reasons for eating kittens

Physical exhaustion during pregnancy

Growing embryos, and then the fruits, take a huge amount of vital substances from the mother’s body. If the cat could not eat well during pregnancy, it will be greatly exhausted after childbirth.

And with high probability, it will not be able to properly feed offspring. In this situation, cannibalism is a protective reaction for the survival of a cat.

Lack of maternal instinct

Despite the reputation of an exemplary mother, this is often found in primiparous cats. Eating kittens is the most severe manifestation of a lack of maternal instinct.

Postpartum eclampsia

This is a condition dangerous to the health and life of a cat, associated with a deficiency of calcium. It requires urgent veterinary care. And it happens that a sick cat tries to eat kittens.

Lactation Problems

Feeling that there is no milk or it is not enough to feed all the kittens, the cat eats posterity.

Nonviable or frail kitten

The owner can not always understand that one of the kids is weak. But the cat-mother will immediately feel it. Blindly following the laws of nature, a cat eats a kitten that still will not survive in natural conditions or even die in childhood.

Postpartum stress

Childbirth is a strong emotional and physical shock for any cat. Poor conditions, the absence of a good nest in a secluded place, the presence of hosts during childbirth only increase stress.

The mental state of the cat can become so deplorable that she will eat her kittens. It is very advisable to quickly show the cat to the veterinarian.

Master curiosity

The extremely curious and impatient owners take the newly born babies in their arms and they stop smelling like a cat. Because of this, she can refuse kittens and even eat them.

There is another version according to which a completely healthy cat can eat offspring by mistake, along with the last.

Of course, it is impossible to establish the reason for eating kittens on their own – for this a veterinary education is necessary.

Therefore, we recommend that you consult with your veterinarian, or better yet, call him at home to see your pet.

How to prevent a cat from eating its kittens?

It is very important to prevent provoking factors during the first birth. Here are some tips if your cat is preparing to become a mom:

  1. Watch the cat closely if it has an unstable mental state: it is too active, irritable, or aggressive.
  2. Provide comfort and proper care for the pregnant pet. Show her to your veterinarian regularly.
  3. Cat during pregnancy requires more love. Do not leave her unattended. Provide her with a warm and dry place, hidden from outsiders, where the animal will feel safe. Cats love boxes and litter boxes.
  4. During childbirth, there should be no strangers near the cat. But you can’t leave her alone either. Prepare yourself an “observation post” in order to help a woman in childbirth and save the life of the kittens.

I hope you have no clear idea of Why Do Cats Eat Their Kittens and how to prevent it. Next time your cat is pregnant you can implement these tricks to avoid such terrible situations.

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