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You can’t deny the attractiveness of the kittens. Although all cats are beautiful and adult cats have an undeniable grace and appeal. Many cat owners retain melancholic memories of the kitten’s life stage and wish that their cats! They could have remained tiny and small for a while longer!

If you have a plan to adopt a new cat, bring home the top 5 smallest cat breeds. This kitten will not grow bigger when to grow up. They will look more adorable when they are growing up.

Almost all the breeds of cats tend to be more significant when they grow up. There might be some exceptions. But these feline are smaller than your domestic feline. Check out our summary of the five most popular and recognized small cat breeds.

1. Singapura– A Talkative Furball


The Singapura is a cat with a medium to a small body, moderately stocky and muscular, robust, and elegant. Its round head suggests a stop that distinguishes the somewhat short muzzle and a little square nose, slightly curved.

His forehead is slightly bulging. It has large almond-shaped, hazelnut, green or gold eyes.

The Singapura is not a very talkative cat, but this feline takes pleasure in complaining as if it were part of its personality. He has a sickly curiosity, which leads him to poke around in every corner of his universe.

Very playful, he does not resist anything that can remind him of a mouse, hunting being his favorite sport. He hunts in packs a bit as wolves do, he spots his victim and encircles him before attacking him.

The Singapura is very friendly with the other cats that it initiates in its particular games. Although he loves the outdoors, he adapts very well to an apartment where he discovers every nook and cranny. He likes to hide between two cushions and does not resist wide open boxes.

“Very curious and restless, he is a cat which participates a lot in family life. Singapura is usually the one who comes to get hugs. He will make you understand if the moment is right.

This cat is not very talkative but exchange a lot by the look. This little imp never gets bored. Once you have tasted this breed, you will not want another cat! Many people came to me adopt a second; they were so won over, ” explains Catherine Le Trionnaire, breeder for over ten years and club president.

Singapura is a sensitive person who calls for caresses. Like all other races, its acquisition must be a thoughtful act—this mini puma master infidelity and love.

2. Munchkin – The Cute Smallest Cat Breed


Who does not dream of having a kitten that does not grow and remains small and cute all its life? Thanks to American breeders’ work, the dream becomes a reality with the Munchkin, a breed of cat with very short legs also nicknamed “basset cat” or “miniature cat.”

The Munchkin derives all its characteristics from its small size. This cat breed has a broad and rounded chest and a muscular neck, more or less thick. With a triangle-shaped head, the Munchkin has a thick skull and forehead. The ears are spaced from each other and have a rounded tip. In terms of coat, it can be short or half-long, depending on the case.

Difficult to resist frequent cuddling sessions when hosting a Munchkin at home. He is affectionate and docile. By appreciating the company, he is sociable and will be able to adapt to other animals’ presence.

Despite its small size, the Munchkin remains very dynamic and likes to hunt, jump, and run everywhere. Hence the importance of offering him a cat tree if he lives in an apartment.

3. Cornish Rex– Distinctive Cat Breed

Cornish Rex
Cornish Rex

The Cornish Rex cat has a greyhound body and large ears that make it singular. The medium-sized body has beautiful bones and well-developed muscles. The head, not too long and of medium width, has an oval shape. It has a round skull; the nose’s profile appears convex, and a straight line connects it to the chin; the whiskers and eyebrows are curly.

His neck is thin and of medium length. The ears have a conical shape with rounded tips; they are large and placed high on the head; in general, they have no hair on the outside.

The Cornish Rex cat, like Devon, is balanced and adorable. He is intelligent, very acute, and his vitality makes him an athletic. Cornix Rex is known as a playful animal, always on the lookout and fast. When he is not busy contemplating his beloved master, he often attracts attention by the tone of his meow. His mew is so loud and penetrating. The cat puts a lot of tenderness and affection.

The Cornish Rex is a sensitive cat and “attached” to its master to spend a good life on its lap. One of its disconcerting characteristics is the use it makes of its forelegs, which are like little hands with which it takes those of its master to put them on its head or in front of its mouth and cover them kisses. Although it seems frail and delicate, it has the wolf’s voracity: it adores fish but does not refuse any other kind of food.

The Cornish Rex will always look for an opportunity to snuggle up against you.

4. Devon Rex– A Curious Little Baby

Devon Rex
Devon Rex

The appearance of the Devon Rex cat is, as we said, curious and atypical. The body, robust and muscular, is thin and of medium size, with an ample thorax. The small head is slightly longer than full, and the short snout is well developed, with a strong chin, prominent cheeks, and Patons. The ears, very open at the base, are significant about the head and end in a rounded triangle.

The Devon Rex cat is the exception to the rule that says the first impression is always the right one. He seems shy when in reality he is a lively player and a tireless runner (he appears to be among the fastest felines); this atypical cat is, moreover, very sociable: it only takes a few seconds for between him and the man to create a bond of mutual sympathy.

It is an elf who suddenly jumps on your shoulders and settles there purring. The Devon Rex is unique not only for its unique and extraordinary appearance but also for its character so unusual. He is a hug, to the point that his dearest desire is to stay in the arms of his master (if possible under his sweater or the covers) that he adores and that he “covers” with purrs.

Very cheerful and curious cat, it cannot bear to be alone; indeed, his dependence on man is total, not only because he needs affection, but also because he could never survive without his care. Devon Rex likes to play, and we can teach him without difficulty.

This poodle cat appreciates cuddling. They seek the warmth of your body and your presence.

5. American Curl– The American Sweetheart

American Curl
American Curl

The American Curl breed is entirely new: it was indeed registered in 1985 and the first kitten. Well proportioned and smallest cat breed, the American Curl cat weighs 2.5 to 5 kg; it reaches maturity around two to three years.

Its medium-sized head has the shape of a triangle that is longer than it is full; his nose is straight and forms a soft curve joining the top of the skull.

The eyes are widely spread, and of medium size, they have the shape of a walnut and are slightly tilted; their color has nothing to do with that of the dress, except for the pointed ones.

The body is semi-slender, with a length equivalent to one and a half times the height at the shoulder; the size and the framework are media, neither massive nor beautiful.

The tail, rather broad at the base, becomes thinner towards the tip and is as long as the body. The coat of the American long-haired Curl is, as we have already said, medium-length and close to the collection, without thickness because the undercoat is almost non-existent; its texture is silky and the tail, in full coat, is feathery.

The skin of the American Short-haired Curl has no undercoat, it adheres to the body and has the same texture as for the long-haired variety; the length of the hair covering the tail is the same as that of the body.

The American Curl cat is resolutely naughty because it combines a lively intelligence with an enormous liveliness and curiosity, which leads it to do stupid things and, sometimes, even push it to accomplish petty thefts.

The American Curl is often considered friendly and affectionate.

So, that’s all of our posts. Comment us and share your favorite smallest cat breeds as per your opinion.

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