Obesity In Cats: How To Tell If A Cat Is Obese

We love our cat and want them to keep healthy. Nowadays, Cat’s obesity becomes one of the big concerns for cat owners. Cat obesity decrease a cat’s lifespan significantly. We don’t want to lose our furry friend early. How to tell if a cat is obese?

Overweight cats prone to many health diseases. Due to obesity, they become less active and lazy. A friend of mine had two cats, they were extremely obsessed.

But my friend didn’t know until I explain it to him. He requested me to write a blog about Obesity in the cat. How to tell if a cat is obese at home without any type of equipment.  

If you have a fluffy cat big cat, you should pay attention to this article. You would get an idea of how you can keep your cat healthy and active. You also can combat the cat obesity problem.

How can you know if your cat is obese?

A cat is considered obese if the cat’s weight 20% higher than her normal weight. Although, this isn’t the definite answer. If the cat is a big or fluffy cat breed, it may weight higher than average cats. 

In this case, you have to check which cat breed do you have? Now, find out what is the normal weight of that breed? You can tell your cat is overweight or not.

Cat obesity now common all across the USA. According to the Association for the Prevention of Obesity in Pets, almost 60% of cats are suffering from obesity. 

If you are still unsure about your cat. You can ask your vet about your cat obesity during an annual health check-up. Almost all the vet check cat’s weight, it would be easy to track if the cat gains any extra weight. 

Can you check if your cat is obese at home?

If you are extra curious to check your cat obesity at home, you can follow some easy instructions. Place your hands to your cat. Now try to feel her ribs. The cat would be considered overweight if you can’t feel her ribs. 

Here is the Cat obese chart

Another easy step to follow, overweight cats normally have a short neck. It is a possible sign of obesity. Overweight cats have a wide chest and belly. 

Some other minor sings you can take into consideration. If the cat collar needs to lose, it’s a possible sign of overweight (You might need to buy an extra-large cat collar). 

As weight increases, the cat will be lazier and less physically active. If your cat takes short breaths if he rises stairs. 

She will sleep a lot and looks grumpy. In such a case, I would recommend consulting with a vet. Remember a vet can offer you the best possible solution for your cat. 

You may do the initial guess whether your cat obese or not. But a vet can do them better measurement. 

Nowadays, the vet uses various equipment and takes many different indicators to declare a cat obese. A cat breed, gender, and age are important factors to determine a cat’s weight. 

Why are obese cats at risk?

Obesity increases the risk of getting many diseases such as disease, diabetes mellitus, osteoarthritis, kidney disease, and liver disease. As a cat owner, you would have to pay a high amount of money as vet fees. 

Even if your overweight cat doesn’t get any of the mentioned diseases, the cat will have a shorter lifespan as compared to other cats. Overweight has a direct effect on longevity. Many medical experts agreed upon this. 

What to do if you have an obese cat?

So, you got an indication that your cat is overweight and needs to lose some weight. In many ways, you can lose your cat’s weight. First, the most effective way is to maintain a proper diet. It may difficult to get proper diet food in the stores. 

To get proper diet food, you have to understand what you are feeding your cat currently and how much should they intake.

Different food contains a different level of calories. Take your cat to a vet and consult with him how much calories should your cat intake every day. If your cat has any medical condition you must have to consult with a vet before changing the cat’s diet.

How to feed an obese cat?

If you consult a vet, you may get recommended making the switch to a canned cat food which gives more protein and fewer carbohydrates. It will keep your cat’s stomach full longer without taking food. 

Water intake plays an important role to lose weight. In this case, canned cat food contains additional fluids that help better digestion. A cat normally drinks a lot less what they required. 

You have to set a feeding schedule if you are really serious about your cat obesity. Many cat owners don’t properly monitor their cat’s food intake. They simply put the food in a place so the cat can eat anytime they want. 

Free feeding perhaps works for humans but not for cats. They eat a lot when they get abundant food. They normally take a lot more calories when they need and occurs obesity. 

Like a human, cats also eat food out of boredom. So, leaving cat food to cat never a good idea. A well-maintained schedule will improve digestion and prevent overeating.  

Exercise for Cat Obesity

It wouldn’t be sufficient if you only relied on a proper diet. You have to keep your cat more physically active. You can give him interactive toys that help him to be physically active.  Cats have a really short attention span, in that case, choose some toys which would constantly keep the cat active. 

Normally if a cat being active and playful at least for 15-20 minutes a day, it would bring positive benefits to his health. Try to keep your cat active a little longer. It will help to lose weight rapidly. 

Regularly keep in contact with a vet and sometimes visit him. A vet can monitor his weight and compare them. They can also track if your cat makes any progress. During the weight loss journey of your cat, it is important to notice if he is facing any health issues or not. 

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