How to Choose Toys for Kittens?

As a rule, kittens are curious and playful. So that they do not lose these qualities, it is important to be able to choose the right toys, taking into account the nature, state of health, the degree of activity of the pet and the quality of the products.

Basic requirements when choosing toys for kittens

  • The toy should be large enough to prevent the kitten from swallowing it;
  • It should not be too heavy, otherwise, the kittens will not be able to throw it;
  • You should avoid hard toys as kittens often break their teeth on hard surfaces.

Where to buy toys for kittens?

It is best to do this at a reputable pet store. Buying toys anywhere you run the risk of purchasing a product made from hazardous materials or not intended for kittens at all.

What to look for?

It is worth remembering that cats perceive most colours as dull. However, they can distinguish quite a few shades of grey. 

Therefore, you should give preference to contrasting colour combinations. It would be better if you choose toys with a grey colour.

Focus on the characteristics of your kitten

When choosing toys, it is important to take into account the individual characteristics of the animal.

For example, if your pet is overweight, then preference should be given to those toys that will make him move a lot. These can be various mice, balls, or fish on a string. It should be borne in mind that, despite the great love for such “simulators”, cats quickly lose interest in them. Especially if they feel that the owner is in charge of the process. Fortunately, it is enough to take a short, up to half an hour, break for the cat to get carried away with the game again.

Toys for energetic kittens

Play complexes are recommended for pets characterized by mobility and activity. You can always find them in major pet supply stores or on Amazon. Climbing the posts and uneven platforms, the cat will not only grind the grown claws but also train the muscles. 

In addition, the upper platforms often become the place where the cat sleeps. Play complexes work fine for those cats not interested in just chasing a bow on a string.

DIY toys

Cats don’t care how much a particular toy costs. Therefore, homemade toys will delight them no less than purchased ones. The only thing to remember when buying a toy or making it yourself is that for a cat, not only play is important, but also the process of communication. 

Do not miss the opportunity to keep your pet company in his game. Sometimes the involvement of the owner in the process awakens the cats’ interest in even the simplest and most annoying things.

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