8 Best Fluffy Cat Breeds That You Can Adopt Today

Long-haired cat breeds can be perfect for adoption if you are into furry cat breeds. Some cat breeds are wild, not suitable for adoption. On the other hand, some are domesticated and friendly.

If you are planning to adopt a furry cat breed you have to take into consideration some important aspects.

What type of person you are and which cat personality suits you the most. We choose 8 best fluffy domestic cat breeds, all of these breeds can be perfect if you want to adopt one.

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Best Fluffy cat breeds

1. MineCoon

MineCoonIf you name a cute big furball, MineCoon will come first in many cat lovers’ minds. Long hair and adorable appearance would definitely grab your attention. To me, MineCoon is one of the best long hair cats available on the market.

They are extremely social and physically active. For outdoor adventurers, MineCoon can be a perfect company for them. They can adopt different situations easily.

If you train a MineCoon kitty, you can take him anywhere you want. Nowadays, Mine Cone is extremely popular in the United States, ranks third to be exact. Previously it lost its popularity to its closest rival Persian cat when introduced to the United States. But now both MineCoon and Persian cat breeds have an appeal to pet enthusiasts Americans.

In recent years, it becomes famous due to its strong cat personality. MineCoon asks the constant companion of its owner. They love to cuddle and spending time with his owner.

If you are a person who is looking for a cat to be the best company for you, this cat breed is to choose.

2. Ragdoll


Ragdoll has a dog-like personality, similar to MineCoon. They are known as social cats. For feline lovers, Ragdoll can be an excellent choice as they are an adorable and social cat.

They get people’s attention easily because of its distinct appearance. Long and fluffy hairs will force you to pet the cat all day long. But this cuteness costs a bit more. They are pricey to adopt. They ranked as the ten most expensive cat breeds in the world.

Usually, healthy Ragdoll costs between $800 to $1200. Ragdolls are prone to various diseases. So, you have to prepare for vet fees. Some Ragdoll suffers from a condition called hypertrophic cardiomyopathy.

In simple words, this disease caused by an overgrowth of heart. When you buy the Ragdoll, make sure you checked whether it has any conditions or not.

3. Persian


In recent times, the Persian cat needs no introduction. One of the beloved cats around the world. Pancake alike face and long furs give Persian cat an adorable looking.

They also have cute cat personality, although not as strong as Ragdoll or MineCoon. Persian Cats are lazy, don’t like physical activities. They can be friends to anyone easily, from strangers to the pet owner.

Persian cat asks for food continuously when they are hungry.

They can be your loud best friend. If you want a friendly, cute, and lively cat, adopt her right away.

4. Norwegian Forest Cat

Norwegian Forest Cat

In our list, most of the breeds result from artificial breeding. But some exception, Norwegian Forest Cat is one of them. They are the best example of natural reproduction, developed over thousands of years.

At first glance, you can’t differentiate them from MineCoon. They resemble a little lion with long hair and muscular appearance.

If you adopt a Norwegian Forest Cat, I can tell you can’t resist yourself playing with this long hair cat.

They lived in the wild for centuries; they love to be outside. Their neverending energy outmatched all of our long hair cat breeds. You don’t have to set them free to roam around the wild, but you have to give them time to play with themselves.

They are immune to many diseases for their wild nature. Although they may rarely suffer from hip dysplasia, a Norwegian cat will bring you a lot of excitement and joy. They live to play and room around. If you spent time with them, they would be sure, your friend.

5. Balinese Cat

Balinese Cat

The only way to describe a Balinese cat is the long-haired form of Siamese cat. Balinese cats possess quite similar skin colour, although Balinese cats are more fluffy. They look adorable. You would probably fall in love with the Balinese cat at first glance.

They are energetic and extremely playful. They love to snuggle and love pets. The Balinese cat is vocal. People say Balinese cats are the smartest long-haired cat.

They are less prone to diseases compare to other breeds. They live healthy and active in most of their life. It could be one of the strong points to adopt a Balinese cat.

6. American Curl


When you see an American Curl, you will notice her ears. Their mice looking ears are adorable to look. But it needs special care of their ears; their air curtilage is likely to damaged easily as compared to other breeds.

Apart from her ears, they are quite a healthy cat breed from other long-haired cat breeds. They inherited the border gene pool to other felines.

American Curl cat possess cute little cat personality. Other breeds on our list are friendly and curious to people from the beginning, but they are quite the opposite. They look sad little kid at the beginning, but as time passes by they open up themselves completely.

If you are a person who moves frequently, this cat is for you. They can adopt a new atmosphere quickly as compared to other breeds. They are less stressed in a new place.

If you don’t want a vocal cat, the American Curl cat would be the perfect choice for you.

7. Turkish Angora Cat


Turkish Angora is a natural cat breed like Norwegian cat breeds in our list. They are available in a wide range of color patterns, although they are more known for the white fur.

Turkish Angora is known for its intelligence, active, and slim looking. They will be more fond of a specific person of your family, typically the person who spent most of the time at home.

If you are a person who stays at home mostly, welcome you probably get a favourite company. Nevertheless, you will be amused by the Turkish Angora’s adorable behaviour. They are a social cat, likes to be the most gentle person in your house.

If you want a fluffy intelligent cat, Turkish Angora would be well fit for you.

8. Long-haired Bengal Cat


Although they aren’t that much fluffy but manage to be on our list due to their incredible skin colour, regardless of long-hair, you will love the Bengal cats.

They are active and playful. They are the big cat yet a kitten hidden to them. You would be love Bengal cat if you ever come across one.

They have a robust immune system that helps to be fit and healthy.

They love the water, which is quite the opposite of a cat.

If you want a cat that looks like Royal Bengal Tiger, the Bengal cat is going to option for you.

Final Words:

If you are planning to adopt fluffy cat breeds, I hope our list will be helpful for you. Truth be told, fluffy cat breeds need more care and attention, although they are totally adorable.

Comment us if I miss any fluffy cat breeds name which you love and wish to be included.

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