Can I Use Baby Shampoo On My Cat?

First of all, it is worthwhile to understand the question of whether to wash a cat at all? Indeed: fluffy pets monitor hygiene absolutely independently, and any contact with water for most of them is terrible stress. However, sometimes without “water procedures” can not do.

Firstly, the cat is washed before the show (although the question here is “How to wash the cat if there is no special shampoo?” Is not worth it – we are sure that the owners of the exhibition animals have everything they need).

Secondly, you need to bathe a cat in the presence of fleas, and there are no questions either: you can’t cope with ordinary shampoos for people with insects. Thirdly, the beast can be corny dirty. Here difficulties arise: “Is it possible to wash a cat with a dog or human shampoo?”

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The answer is very simple: nothing. Conventional hygiene products – soap, simple shampoo, etc. – Cats are not recommended to be washed. They may be too strong for the delicate skin of the pet, provoking the appearance of irritation or problems with the fur. The same goes for dog makeup.

We recommend buying a special shampoo for cats . It can be:

  • Dry. Special powder: you sprinkle her pet, and then gently comb it out. A great option, if the cat is not very dirty – you can not injure his psyche by contact with water;
  • Spray. A compromise option, but some animals are afraid of the specific sound of the atomizer;
  • Classic. Normal shampoo adapted to the needs of cats. Perhaps the most versatile option.

IMPORTANT: When bathing, never wet your cat’s head! Water will get into your ears and may cause inflammation!

Can I Use Baby Shampoo On My Cat?

It is possible, but only if there is no special tool at hand. It is better to wash off small impurities in general with ordinary water, without using care products. But if the animal is very dirty, you can wash the cat with baby shampoo or normal – without a pungent odor, so as not to irritate the sensitive sense of smell of the animal.

During regular bathing, special shampoos for cats should be used, given the thickness and length of your pet’s coat.

What to Know About?

So, you did not have a special tool at hand, and the pet needs to be washed urgently. We choose from what is available, given that cats have:

  • very sensitive sense of smell;
  • thin and delicate coat;
  • the habit of licking oneself after water procedures.

How to wash a cat with baby shampoo?

Shampoo needs to be dissolved in advance in the water at the rate of 1 tablespoon per 1 liter. This way it will better absorb the animal’s hair. It is advisable to add 1-2 tablespoons of the conditioner to the resulting solution without a strong odor.

It will not allow thick and soft cat hair to become tangled, give silkiness, and prevent the accumulation of static electricity.

To thoroughly wash the coat, you will need to apply and rinse the shampoo at least three times thoroughly. It is important to remove the remnants of the cosmetic product from the skin and coat of the animal. So they do not get inside when the cat licks after bathing.

Features of the coat of cats

So, if you are in doubt whether it is possible to wash the cat with ordinary or baby shampoo, we will reassure you – nothing terrible will happen from a single bath. Your pet will be alive, healthy, and attractive, but with the constant use of improper means, the coat may become dull and break, irritations will appear on the skin, and long-haired cats will have a tangle.

Therefore, it is necessary to select and constantly use a special shampoo for cats in accordance with the type and length of hair.

In general, cats have the thickest hair among all animal species domesticated by humans. Up to 200 hairs grow on one square millimeter of their skin, while, for example, in the most densely-coated merino sheep – up to 160.

Of course, breed breeding significantly altered the hair of representatives of many breeds, up to its complete absence, as, for example, in the Sphinxes. By the way, this does not mean that naked cats do not need to be washed – it is necessary, and even more often than usual.

The breeds differ in the length of their coat, and at present four groups of cats are known for this sign: long-haired, half-long-haired, short-haired, and short-haired Siamese-oriental. Manufacturers of professional cosmetics for animals offer a wide selection of products in which you can choose a product that suits your pet.

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